What if you could have a new site in two weeks?

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We get it. The last time you tried having your site built, it took months. It took time away from building and growing your business.

The purpose of the site wasn't clear and the results were...inconclusive. There is a better way.

Give us two weeks and we'll launch a site that adds to your bottom line.

Over the past 17 years, Sodium Halogen has worked with startups from San Francisco to DC, as well as with established companies such as GE Capital and Mars Pets, to create amazing brand experiences for the web and mobile with our “Designtific Method.”

Those projects take a lot of time and expertise. They are big projects that are completely custom, and the clients see big results. But we enjoy doing simple projects too. So, we've distilled the most impactful elements of our Designtific Method, and packed it into a two week timeline that delivers amazing results in record time.

Here is how we do it.


Strategy Kickoff Day

This is a 3 hr interactive workshop where we all learn about your customers, your company, and what your site should accomplish.


Workday Prep

Adopt a proven strategic process

Through a series of emails and questionnaires, your team will be guided through the process of gathering materials and content for the new site. The leads up to our intensive work day.


Work Day

Work side-by-side with experts

Your team plus the Sodium Halogen team will share an intense day

  • You and an SH content coach will create and curate the the site’s content.
  • The SH designer will design the look and feel and layout of the site.
  • The SH developer will build out each page and incorporate the real content.

Launch Prep

Get to market quicker

Over the days following the work day, the SH team will make any remaining changes to your new site. You’ll be updated of progress, and we’ll prepare for launch.


Launch Day

See a return on your investment in days, not months

Get your party hats ready. We launch the site.

So how much does it cost?


Is a new site in 2 weeks right for your company?

Find Out in 2 Minutes

Satisfied customers

“[Sodium Halogen] pulled all this information out of me I didn't know I had. I'm really excited about the results.”

Donna Frankland – The Barrel Wine & Spirits


“Having a live website within two weeks was invaluable to us...to start making money as quickly as possible.”

Ben Ferguson – President of Allygn


“This team knows their stuff. They guided us through the entire process and we've seen the impact the new site has had on our bottom line.”

R.E. Butts – Founder of Butts Foods


Strategy + Execution + Launch = Your new site starts working for you in two weeks!

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